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Membrancing from the Lebar Gabala Erenn

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I came across this remembrance in the Lebar Gabala Erenn. I thought it was inspirational, so I copied it and offer it up with a modern Gaelic version and the English translation.

Athair cāich, Coimsid Nime,
in Rī uasal ainglige,
ār Cuingid, ār Coimde, ār Cend,
cen tūs, cen crīch, cen forcend.

Athair de gach nì, Triath Nèimh,
an Rìgh uasal aingealach,
ar Curaidh, ar Tighearna, ar Ceann,
gun tùs, gun chrìoch, gun chrioslaich.

Father of all, Master of Heaven,
the noble angelic King,
our Champion, our Lord, our Head,
without beginning, end, or termination.

Written by David Rosser Owen

April 26, 2009 at 9:37 pm

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