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Surah 109, Al Kafiroun

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Here’s my attempt at translating Suratu-l Kafiroun (109). I haven’t simply translated the usual English semantics, but tried to give the meaning – or some of it – of the actual Arabic. Please indulge my poor versification.

Sir mi tèarmann le Allah Fhèin bho’n t-Sàtain clachte

An Ceudamh Buaileag thar an Naoi (109):

Na Luchd-ceiltinn*

An Ainm Allah an Nì Sàr-thruacanta ‘s Sàr-thròcaireach

Abair: A Luchd-ceiltinn,
Cha dèan mi adhradh** a nì adhradh sibh
Agus cha dèan sibh adhradh a nì adhradh mi,
Agus cha dèan mi adhradh a rinn adhradh sibh,
Agus cha dèan sibh adhradh a nì adhradh mi.
Gum bitheadh ur n-iùl-aideachadh° dhuibh is m’ iùl-aideachadh fhèin dhomh

*    “The People who Conceal” – kafara means “to cover, conceal, hide”. Concealing the truth from oneself is a positive, conscious act. A kafir (pl kafiroun or kuffar) is not simply an infidel or unbeliever, but someone who will not face the truth and covers it over or conceals it so that his or her conscience doesn’t have to see it.

**   or aoradh

°    “path of professing faith” – din doesn’t mean “religion” (whether it is derived from religere or, with Cicero, from religare) but more “way of life” or “life transactions”.


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April 15, 2009 at 10:11 pm

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