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It’s nearly 1st July 2008.

I stopped posting the blog islamisamizdat sometime last year, and eventually deleted it from blogspot. There were various reasons for this, some of them personal and familial. I wasn’t very happy with blogspot either, and so I’m hoping that WordPress works better.

Anyway, I’m now starting it again at a new home. Please give some feed-back to my posts, or those of guest writers. It’s quite frustrating to feel that one is writing and no-one is reading, and so it helps to know that someone has read what has been written – even if they disagree with it, it’s nice to know that too. So please give your comments: I’d like them to be helpful, and not shilling or off-the-wall stuff (both of which I’ll moderate and delete). They don’t have to be agreeing – I’m quite happy to entertain disagreement – but I would like them to be polite and civilised.

Written by David Rosser Owen

June 28, 2008 at 1:53 am

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